Leadership Coaching: Case Example

A financial services CEO charged an executive with exponentially growing an existing business. To accomplish this, he needed to integrate technology to rapidly scale across the country. Although the executive came to the role with deep operational and financial expertise, he encountered significant delays and lack of support from marketing, sales and technology leaders critical to the operation’s success.

Leadership Breakthroughs conducted a comprehensive Coaching Assessment, including stakeholder feedback and the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series. The Coaching Assessment pinpointed gaps in the executive’s relationship management skills. Equipped with insights from the assessment, we developed strategies to help him build and sustain constructive partnerships with priority stakeholders. We coached the executive to meet regularly with key leaders to clarify their objectives and to identify ways they could work together to accomplish mutual objectives. He also learned to surface issues diplomatically during progress meetings.

Six months later, the executive reported high satisfaction with each of the prioritized stakeholder relationships. Business growth exceeded the company’s objectives, and the CEO was considering the executive for a larger role.